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If you’re constantly hearing, “Agile should give us more business value, but…”, this webinar is for you.

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10 october from 8:00 to 9:00 CET

“They say that Agile should give us more business value, but…”

People working in Agile organizations say this frequently – and of course, they’re right. Agile only brings us more business value when:

  • Everyone has clarity about what business value looks and feels like
  • We have sliced our desirements/objectives in a way that drives us toward potential releases
  • We have a culture of curiosity and psychological safety

Unfortunately, many sacrifice clarity on the Agile alter, not even trying to build a shared high-level view of the benefits we want to create.

“Why should we – things change all the time anyway?” We pay for this with teams who can’t build the right thing because we can’t articulate what it is that we want.

To make matters worse, our requirements are often organized in a way that keeps us from delivering potential releases. With our requirements not sliced in independent deliverables, we have little or nothing to demo, increasing the risk of creating items with no business value.

Even if we overcome the first two challenges and make it to the demos, we often show it to the wrong people such as our own team, who know nothing about the business context or what the customer wants. We need to increase levels of curiosity about what we’re building and create the psychological safety to take action.

In this webinar, Ole Jepsen will go deeper in each of these problems and share stories and ideas about how to solve them. We hope you’ll also share your challenges around why Agile doesn’t work in your organization.

Let’s find solutions together.

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