Spent your entire budget and SAFe® still doesn't work?

What you wished you'd known before you started.

Tuesday, October 12th, at 14.00-15.00 CET

“I was so confused and frustrated!” “No one listened l to my input!” “It was such a waste of time.”

Sound familiar? These are comments we’ve probably all heard after a PI Planning event. What we want to hear instead is: “Finally, I get the bigger picture.” “It is awesome to finally talk to our stakeholders.” “So great to really connect with the other teams.”

After preparing and facilitating countless SAFe planning events, Ole Jepsen understood key things that enable SAFe planning events to actually work, including:

  • The input (epics or features) must be co-created by representatives from the teams and key stakeholders; and they must be sliced into potential releases, so they drive the program toward early deliverables.
  • The longer-term plan (typically 9-18 months) must be co-created by the same people by roughly estimating and prioritizing the epics/features, so both stakeholders and teams get a shared overview, shared understanding, and shared ownership.

In this free webinar, Ole will share war stories from both face-to-face and virtual big room planning events as well as tips and techniques that have worked to turn frustrated event participants into ones who get the benefits. We’ll also play with some of the trickier steps TOGETHER in breakout rooms. And yes, you will win a prize if your group beats the others!

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